Observational Piece: Midnight walk through the stollery

This was written as an observational assignment for Feature Writing at MacEwan University. A lonely, half-finished puzzle sits in a nook at the end of a dimly lit hallway. The hall is lined… Continue reading

Slideshow: Arkells at K-Days 2015

University life in India’s capital city

Bright colourful silk saris embroidered with flowers and gems, sizzling hot spicy street food, large loving joint families, and bustling streets filled with rickshaws, bikes and scooters. This is the general image that… Continue reading

Slideshow: San Francisco August 2015

Slideshow: Edmonton Artwalk 2015

Alex Burey will put you in a London daze

I always felt at home in London. I visited three times, the first being when I was 11, and the most recent was two years ago, when I was 19. The first two… Continue reading

Slideshow: Edmonton International Street Performers Festival 2015


A decade ago an entire generation of music lovers said goodbye to the legendary Sidetracks Cafe. Today that generation, plus a new one, are being forced to say goodbye to yet another venue… Continue reading

Hopeful Horizon at the Artery

Fawcett Alberta is a hamlet of under eighty¬†people in Westlock County, and yet they have managed to produce three musicians that have been showing up all over stages across Edmonton. Brothers Greg and… Continue reading

A love letter about (and to) Laura Marling

There’s nothing more precious than growing up with a musician. Not literally of course. I was 15 when I first heard British folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling’s first single “New Romantic”, released in 2007.… Continue reading